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Welcome to πScope wiki

πScope is a python based visualization and analysis application, developed primarily to support data analysis and modeling in fusion research.

πScope has three primary goals

  • provide an improved tool to brows and visualize fusion experiment data

stored in MDSplus

  • help a user to organize data analysis tasks performed by python scripts.
  • provide an interactive interface to edit or modify matplotlib graphics

to help above two goals.

(Note: some of descriptions and examples in this guide are specific to Alcator C-Mod fusion program. Such C-Mod specific informations are indicated by Cmod log small 24.png)

User's guides

Quick guides

Installation and Startup options

Quick guide for viewing MDSplus data

Quick guide for general purpose data ploting

Further informations

Using πScope at CEA/IRFM

Advanced usage of πScope for MDSplus

πScope from other python console

Annotating graphics using πScope

Building a model in πScopel

HG repo for C-Mod data analysisCmod log small 24.png)

Plot command

Plot commands in πScope is similar to matplotlib and iScope, both are inspired by matlab.

interactive commands

Other resources

πScope users mail-list

Power Points


Supporting file extensions


Technical details

MDSplus & python

Files in πScope

Other general Python tips

Licence & Download

[GitHub repository]


Bug report & suggestions

Development Version



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